August 9, 2021

Emergency Roofing

Emergency Roof Repair

There is nothing like being at home when bad weather blows in. You’re safe and secure in your cozy house, waiting for nice weather to come back. Then, while you’re relaxing, the unthinkable happens. You notice a water spot on the ceiling or, even worse, dripping water. There’s a good chance that the stormy weather you’re dealing with has either damaged your roof or has been able to find an area that was previously weakened. That’s where emergency roofing is necessary.

Potential Causes For Emergency Roofing

Several conditions can cause your roof to be damaged in such a way that you require emergency roofing assistance. Weather conditions, such as wind, can create problems with your roof. The wind itself can rip off shingles and cause damage, but windy conditions can also result in debris being smacked into your roof, such as fallen tree limbs. Ice build-up is another weather-related condition that can be damaging to your roof. Another potential cause was an installation error when the company that installed your roof neglected to do something properly.

Water Damage Effects

You could put out a bucket and put off getting your roof fixed until later, but water damage can be a real problem. Water-soaked insulation doesn’t do its job to help keep your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer. It can also be the perfect breeding ground for mold that can harm your indoor air quality. Homes with poor indoor air quality often have occupants dealing with respiratory and other health issues, such as asthma. That water damage could also be ruining the wood rafters that hold up your roof and weight-bearing studs—allowing it to continue means that when you do get your roof fixed, you’ll also have to have these materials replaced, adding to the final bill.

Increased Damage

Another issue when you ignore roof damage is that you could face a much bigger issue that requires more time, attention, and materials than a minor repair. A small problem with your roof that’s allowed to remain will grow. The design of this product allows for all of the smaller parts to work together to form a barrier against the weather. A flaw in the surface will enable the fault to get bigger and bigger when it’s windy. Think of it as similar to your skin. If you don’t cover an open wound with a bandage, you could get an infection, and the surrounding damaged skin could get worse. Fixing the flaw will prevent that issue from occurring. You may find that what could’ve been a minor patch repair will turn into the potential for needing a new roof if you allow the damage to continue for an extended period.

What to Expect

When you call Cheyenne Mountain Roofing for your emergency roofing issue, they’ll assess the damage and determine what should be done to fix it. Then, the company will recommend what work needs to be done and a quote of how much the job will cost. Once you approve the quote, they’ll get to work fixing the issue so that you’ll be protected the next time a storm rolls in.

Call us for your emergency roof needs right away. Getting the damage repaired quickly will save you some hassle before it has the chance to cause more problems in the future.