April 1, 2014


Recycling and Conservation

Did you know that right now, 25,000 tons of shingles in our area could be recycled?
We are doing our part to keep shingles out of our landfills. We have taken the “Owens Corning Shingle Recycling Pledge.” You can join us by taking the Shingle Recycling Pledge, too.

Shingle Recycling

Each year, up to 10 million tons of recyclable shingles are removed from the roofs of homes and buildings in the United States. When you choose a roofing contractor who recycles torn-off shingles, your old shingles will not end up in a landfill — they get repurposed as pavement! The 25,000 tons of shingles from our area alone could be recycled into 250 miles of road surface.